Don’t Be a Hero

Every now and then, we have people call and ask if we have a sauna.  Our typical answer is “Yes, it’s available May through August” ;).  As with many CrossFit gyms, at Overland Park CrossFit we only turn on the air conditioner when the temperature gets excessive for the safety of our members.  In saying that, there are still many days when it’s not quite hot enough for AC so you will most likely leave in a pool of sweat.  Due to everyone’s body regulating their temperatures differently, we want to go over a few things to look out for during this summer heat because elevated temperature and physical activity are the perfect mix for heatstroke, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Nausea – You may feel sick to the stomach with an inclination to vomit.

Confusion – Heatstroke can cause confusion, slurred speech and even seizures.

Hot Skin – As your body temperature elevates, you skin may feel hot to the touch.

High Body Temperature – A body temperature of greater than 104F is one of the first signs of heatstroke.

Racing Heart Rate – As you continue to physically exert yourself, you heart rate can continue to rise to a very high level.

If you feel any of these, or just don’t feel right, the first thing to do is stop your physical activity and try to cool down.  If you continue to have symptoms, here are some additional things you can do to reduce the signs of heatstroke.

Use Evaporative Cooling – Stand near one of the fans while misting your body with water.  This will cause the water to evaporate, which will cool the skin.

Apply Ice Packs – If you are still having issues cooling your body, you can place ice packs on your body, specifically to your neck, back and armpits to help cool.

Go To The Hospital – If you continue to have issues, you should seek medical attention from a doctor.

As you should always do, try and keep yourself hydrated and be cautious if you have an elevated risk of heatstroke from a previously diagnosed medical condition or medication.  Heatstroke is very serious and can cause organ failure and even death.  If you are showing symptoms, don’t be a hero, listen to your body, try to cool yourself down and stop working out.