• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Ashlyn grew up doing gymnastics then later dance for a long period of time. Once she graduated high school in 2021, she wanted to try something new and different that would feel challenging and fun. When she walked in the doors to OPCF in May of 2021, she fell in love and since that day CrossFit has become a huge passion of hers. OPCF became the new home for Ashlyn, as she would spend hours in the gym that would consist talking to members, working out, and observing what CrossFit was all about. She saw OPCF coaches helping members reach their goals, and wanted to be on that same team helping people.

After doing a summer internship at the gym, the owners sent Ashlyn to get her L-1 Certification. Ashlyn absolutely loves coaching as she sees how much joy it brings people, and how it is quite literally life changing. She is so grateful to be part of an amazing community that is nonjudgmental, supporting, loving, and of course, fun! Ashlyn is in college, and plans to go into Physical Therapy to help more of the community! When Ashlyn is not in the gym, you can find her hanging with friends, doing bible studies, walking, and although she dislikes coffee, she loves exploring different coffee shops! Ashlyn is so excited to be a part of the OPCF coaching crew and very thankful to have OPCF community to call family.

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