Move Better. Live Better.

Humans were made to move.  Our primal ancestors survived by moving.  They had to forage and hunt for food, build and seek out shelter, and of course they played.  To live, they had to move:  Walking, running, lifting, jumping, throwing, crawling, chasing, and climbing were not considered “exercise”, they were considered survival.  These activities allowed them to eat, to provide for their families, to sleep well.  In short, the more they moved, the more they thrived.

Fast-forward to today.  Many of us sit in chairs all day, staring at computer and phone screens, then we drive home (more sitting!) and when we get home, we slouch on couches and stare at more screens. After all that, we sleep poorly and get achy when we move.  What happened to thriving like our ancestors, and how did we start living such a sedentary life?

I’m not saying we have to go off the grid, and become hunter-gatherers, but we should at least break the cycle and learn how to move better.  After all that’s what our bodies are made to do!  At Overland Park CrossFit, this is our goal:  We focus on a fitness that you can take outside of the four walls of our gym, and we accomplish this by teaching you how to move better!

Want to have the energy and ability to play with your kids in the park?  Kids are going to want you to lift them up and pretend like they’re flying — no problem, you’ve been putting barbells over your head.  They’re definitely going to want to race you to the water fountain — you got this because you’ve been sprinting!  And no day at the park is complete without climbing a tree — no problem, you’re stringing together pullups all day!

When you go to the grocery store, do you have trouble picking up that heavy bag of dog food out of your car trunk and then strain with all your might to drag it into the house?  Not anymore!  You’ve been deadlifting, plus you’ve been running with sandbags.  You’ll be throwing fido’s chow over your shoulder and sprinting into the house in no time!

Do you avoid the stairs like the plague because when you walk up them your knees ache and you’re out of breath?  You’ll be racing your elevator-riding friends to the 15th floor all day, heck, you’ve been jumping on 30-inch boxes and bounding around like an NBA player!

We believe in functional training — training that allows you to go out and tackle whatever you want to in everyday life, whether that’s running a 5k with friends, lifting those heavy moving boxes up your basement stairs, or dominating your family football game at Thanksgiving.

We want every single person in our Overland Park CrossFit family to find a better fitness and that means being able to take on any task in life by learning how to move better in a community of people who work hard, play hard, and have fun!

Want to join the fun?  Contact us to get started!

Myth Busting: 5 Excuses for Not Working Out

Are you sitting there thinking that you can’t workout.  Here are 5 excuses that we hear for not working out and why they are just that, excuses.

I’m not fit enough:  Everybody has to start somewhere.  No matter if you are coming off of P90x and looking for to take things to the next level or are still sitting on the couch and looking to lose weight, CrossFit works for you.  At Overland Park CrossFit, our coaches strive to program every workout in a manner that allows modifications for each and every individual athlete, so everyone from the most athletic to those just starting out can get a great workout.

I don’t know how:  Perfect, we do.  At Overland Park CrossFit, we have coaches for every class.  We are here to help you with each and every move in a workout, each and every every step of the way.  If you’ve never done it before, we will show you how.  If you need assistance during a workout, we will make sure you are progressing safely and efficiently so you get the most out of your effort!  The beauty of CrossFit is that everything is scalable so you can start at the place that is right for you and keep progressing.  If you ever have a question, just ask!

I tried but then I lost motivation:  That’s because you didn’t have a group to push you.  If you haven’t done CrossFit before, you probably don’t get it yet, but we are a close group of people who work together towards a healthier lifestyle.  You can’t help but make new friends.  You don’t want to get that text from your workout asking, “Where are you? We missed you today!”

I don’t need to lose weight:  Fitness isn’t just about weight loss.  Living a fitness-oriented lifestyle decreases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, lowers blood pressure, decreases your cholesterol, and prevents osteoporosis.  Everyone needs to be fit.

I just don’t like to:  Our brand of working out is a lot different than what you might be used to.  Beyond that, CrossFit isn’t just about exercise.  We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: It’s about living a healthier, more complete life, and It’s about the community!  We have fun at CrossFit.  We laugh, joke, try new things, and share in each other’s accomplishments.  If you don’t believe me, come try it out!