Transitioning from On-Ramp (Bootcamp) to CrossFit

So you’ve been doing On-Ramp classes (introductory CrossFit classes) for several weeks now and you’re wondering if you’re ready to transition over to the ‘big kid’ CrossFit classes. Chances are, if you’re even considering making the leap over to CrossFit then you’re probably ready to jump in feet first. With that being said, it can be intimidating to start working out with the big dogs, so here are some things to consider when making the transition. 

Larger Classes

This is a common theme at most CrossFit gyms – after you ‘graduate’ from the introductory class and start attending regular CrossFit classes, you will probably notice that the class sizes are larger. This can often be intimidating and you may feel like you are getting lost in the crowd. Try to avoid working out in the back corner where you can easily be missed by the coach. If there is something that you don’t understand for the workout or strength/accessory piece, make sure you ask questions. It can be difficult for the coach to make it around to every athlete, especially in a larger class, so you can’t be afraid to speak out. 

Faster-Paced Classes

The beauty of an introductory (On-Ramp or Bootcamp) program is that it is created to be a slower-paced class where there is a built-in instructional time to help newer athletes learn the basic movements and skills needed to be successful in CrossFit. However, oftentimes the regular CrossFit classes operate at a much faster pace because they often include both a strength and metcon portion to the class. Therefore, it is important to look at the wod information before class so that you know what movements are going to show up in class for that day, look up any percentages needed for weightlifting, etc. This will also help you know what’s coming next in class so that you are prepared to move quickly. 

More Technical Movements

The purpose of an introductory class is to teach individuals the basic, or foundational, movements of CrossFit. Therefore, more technical movements like muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, weightlifting complexes, etc. will most likely not be programmed. As you make the transition to regular CrossFit classes, be prepared to see more technical movements included in the daily wods. Don’t let this possibility scare you away – there are many different ways that these more complicated movements can be modified or scaled.