Understand the Top 10 CrossFit Terms

If you are new to CrossFit or know someone who does CrossFit, you know that there is a special “lingo” that is used.  If you are tired of feeling left out, or just want to be in the know, we have come up with a list of terms to get you up to speed or send to that friend of yours that “doesn’t understand.”

BOX – For a CrossFit lover, this is their second home.  The “box” is simply the CrossFit term for the gym.  Box refers to the simplistic nature of most CrossFit gyms.  Many CrossFit gyms, especially in the early days, had very few bells and whistles.  Just the bare bones necessities.

WOD – The WOD is the quintessential term in CrossFit.  It stands for “Workout of the Day” and refers to the main workout that is programmed for the class.  When CrossFit started, this referred to the workout that was listed on CrossFit.com.

Rx – Rx or Rx’ing a workout means that you did the weight that was prescribed.  For each of the WOD’s there are certain listed requirements, such as weight, number of reps, time, etc.  If you complete the workout as it is listed, you can say that you “Rx’ed the workout”.

AMRAP – This stands for “As Many Round/Reps As Possible”.  For each of the WOD’s, it is either prescribed to be for a specific time or a specific amount of reps that need to be completed.  When the word AMRAP is used this is the workout that has a specific time and you complete as many rounds or reps as possible in the time that was defined.

1RM – At OPCF most of our CrossFit classes will include a lifting portion before the WOD.  When 1RM is listed, this means that you are going for your 1 rep max.  Basically you are trying to lift as much as you can in the movement that is listed.

ATG – This stands for “Ass to Grass” and refers to going as low as possible in a squat.  For a squat rep to be per the standard, your hips must break parallel.  An ATG squat is lower than just breaking parallel.

C&J – Many CrossFit programs utilize the Olympic movements, the snatch and clean and jerk.  C&J is just a short term for the clean and jerk.

CTB/C2B – Similar to ATG, CTB is the next level for pullups.  The standard for a pullup is to simply get your chin over the pullup bar.  When CTB or “Chest to Bar” is listed, this means that you will need to pull yourself a little higher and touch your chest to the bar instead of just getting your chin above the bar.

EMOM – This is another way to program a strength or workout and stands for “Every Minute on the Minute”.  If you see EMOM, it means that the work listed should be performed every minute for as long as the time is stated.

Goat – In CrossFit terms a goat is something that you are not very good at.  For many of us this includes the more skilled movements, such as muscle ups, double-unders, snatch, etc.

This may be a small list of terms, but hopefully now you are better armed with the basic CrossFit terms.