Work Your Weaknesses, Set Goals

There is no denying that CrossFit is known to expose a few weaknesses within us. The question is whether we will choose to acknowledge those weaknesses, or hide from them. It seems like some people believe that continuing to show up to the gym every day, completing the strength portion as well as the WOD, stretching, and then going home will undoubtedly lead to that first Muscle Up. . . Nevermind the accessory work or drills required to master a certain skill, surely just working out in general will bring domination in all aspects of CrossFit. Unfortunately, that is not at all how this whole thing works.

It is safe to say that most of us have at least one goal when it comes to the gym; whether it is that bodyweight Snatch, our first pull-up, or a sub 3-minute Fran. Sadly, most of us are not willing to put in the hard work to obtain those goals. There are even those of us who know full well what our weaknesses are and when they pop up on the screen at 8PM the night before, so we decide tomorrow will just be a rest day (you know who you are). This mindset will lead us only to further disappointment; instead, we need to be attacking these weaknesses with fervor! Realize where the chink in you armor is, pinpoint it, establish a plan to dominate it, and get to work!

Not sure where to start? First, make it a specific goal, narrowed down to a certain movement, skill, or type of training (i.e. get a Handstand Push-up, be able to squat below parallel, gain better endurance). If you have several issues you’d like to work on, pick one for now. Once you have a specific goal in mind, set a reasonable time frame to accomplish that goal. Maybe even find someone to hold you accountable; your best bet is to find someone with a similar goal and work on it together, if anything, your competitive nature should kick in and give you the drive to accomplish the goal before your training partner does. . . classic CrossFit. Next you will need an actual plan to accomplish said goal. Ask a coach! Any one of the coaches should be able to give you some tips for the general CrossFit goals, or at least know where to look to find the proper progressions and training plans for some of the more allusive goals, like a Strict Ring Handstand Push up.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to obtaining our goals is our mindset. Greg Amundson, of the CrossFit Seminar Staff leads a course on goal setting; he brings up a great point that all goals should “provide us with an intense amount of motivation, inspiration, and direction.” Speak positivity into your goals, don’t practice the progressions of a skill while telling yourself “I’ll never get this,” because with that mindset, you probably won’t ever achieve your goal. once said, “The mental aspect of high-intensity fitness is incredibly important, and weakness in the brain and heart of an athlete will cause just as much trouble as weakness in the posterior chain and core.” So set out with a purpose and a determination that cannot be broken!