Kipping it Real with Laura!

Each month Overland Park CrossFit recognizes a member who exemplifies our values and motivates others in the gym to push themselves with encouraging words.  March’s Athlete of the Month is Laura Still.  Laura was chosen because of her work ethic which shows through with her flawless movements. Laura never makes excuses and is always willing to take the time to do everything right! Learn more about Laura below.

1. How long have you been working out at Overland Park CrossFit?

I started April 21, 2018.

2. What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

I remember thinking that is was difficult but fun and was really glad I had done the workout.  

3. What has been your favorite workout?

I like any of the workouts that have the 21-15-9 format (unless it is 21 calories on the bike!)

4. What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pulled pork and fries from Joe’s KC.

5. What did you want to be when you grew up and where do you work now?  

I was born into a musical family so never thought of being anything but a musician. I am a retired Air Force musician and a retired school teacher.

6. What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to dance and of course, CrossFit.    

7. What advice would you give a newbie just starting at OPCF?

Take it slow, don’t lift too much weight too soon, and be consistent coming to class. And don’t quit!   

8. What is your favorite lift?

Anything with a clean. 

9. What’s your biggest “GOAT”?

I have 3 “goats”: double unders, rope climb and pull ups. Take your pick!

10. What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at OPCF?  

I’ve dropped weight, put on muscle and gotten stronger.  Pretty cool at this stage in life.

11. What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at OPCF?  

Just making it through each workout. I’m always amazed that I can get through some of them! I’ve never done anything that has pushed me physically like this.

12. How do you fit working out into your weekly schedule?

Because I am retired, I actually schedule my week around CrossFit workouts.

13. What is something you have always wanted to do but haven’t yet?

Travel to Europe.

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