Kipping it Real with Nate!

Each month Overland Park CrossFit recognizes a member who exemplifies our values and motivates others in the gym to push themselves with encouraging words.  April’s Athlete of the Month is Nate Boyd.  Nate was chosen because of his positive attitude in the gym and his work ethic! He always stays after to work on skills or lifts and in the Open we definitely saw that paying off! Learn more below about Nate!


1. What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

Same after all my CrossFit workouts, “That was terrible, what am I doing here”

  1. What has been your favorite workout?

Murph by far

  1. What is your favorite cheat meal?


  1. Where do you work?     


  1. What do you like to do outside of work?

Hunting, football with the Tomster, dog park….anything outdoors

6. What advice would you give a newbie just starting at OPCF?

Stick with it, make CrossFit a routine. Only takes 21 days to start a habit ?


  1. What is your favorite lift?

Back Squat

  1. What’s your biggest “GOAT”?

Still working on those ring muscle ups.






  1. What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at OPCF?  

I’ve started listening more to my body, work on resolving nagging injuries sooner than later and general healthier lifestyle……..minus the pizza Fridays.

  1. What is your biggest improvement or proudest accomplishment thus far?
The biggest improvements I’ve seen is with clean/snatch. I remember the first time attempting those lifts and how awkward it felt (and probably looked) but enjoying those strength days now.


  1. What is something you have always wanted to do but haven’t yet?
I think handstand walking would be pretty fun to learn.