Kipping it Real with Jake!

Each month Overland Park CrossFit recognizes a member who exemplifies our values and motivates others in the gym to push themselves with encouraging words.  November’s Athlete of the Month is Jake Taylor.  Jake was chosen because of how hard he works in the gym.  His consistency and positive attitude are inspiring to other athletes.   Learn more below about Jake!



1. What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

How long will this feeling of death last and will I be able to drive myself home?

  1. What has been your favorite workout?

I really enjoy the hero workouts, something about the accomplishment of finishing a really long workout. Specifically Murph has been my favorite one and I’m excited about doing it again.

  1. What is your favorite cheat meal?

A large bowl(s) of spaghetti and meat sauce accompanied by plentiful garlic bread and finished with a large brownie/cookie covered in chocolate sauce and ice cream.

  1. Where do you work?     

I’m an engineer at Black and Veatch working in construction.

  1. What do you like to do outside of work?

I love playing racquetball and really any team sport, also I am a big fan of biking when the weather isn’t cold. I also like to cook and have recently begun brewing my own beer… results have been mixed.

6. What advice would you give a newbie just starting at OPCF?

Don’t be upset at slow progress with the more complicated movements, with a lot of them it seems like you’ve made no progress over weeks and then all of a sudden it will click and you’ll be doing it naturally. Also get some lifting shoes, they are really worth the cost.

  1. What is your favorite lift?

I love cleans, something about that moment of intense effort and the accomplishment of landing a good one.

  1. What’s your biggest “GOAT”?

Anything overhead. It took months before I started focusing on fixing overhead form and mobility, but it was time well spent. It still sucks, but there is that sense of pride when you get a good overhead squat or snatch.


  1. What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at OPCF?  

Fitness-wise I was in a real rut of going to the gym because I had to not because I wanted to, it really felt like a chore that I had to do because it was good for me. Since starting CrossFit at OPCF, it is something that I look forward to going to day after day. And I’ve seen more improvements physically then I ever did before doing CrossFit, which I definitely didn’t expect going in.



  1. What is your biggest improvement or proudest accomplishment thus far?
I would say my biggest improvement is anything gymnastics related. Coming in I could do a few pull ups, but I hated doing anything on the rings/bar. Since then I’ve put in a lot of time and effort into gymnastics, I now look forward to any workout that involves pull ups / toes to bar / muscle ups.


  1. What is something you have always wanted to do but haven’t yet?
Handstand Walks. I can barely maintain my balance against the walls, so it is a long road before I can do them free-standing.