World Wide WOD – More Than a Medal

Growing up I was forced to play every sport until I reached high school and then at that point I could “decide” what I wanted to play and/or participate in.  I could never understand my parents reason for putting me in sports or activities that were clearly not for me.  Let’s be serious, running track as an overweight adolescent, probably not going to win any medals there.  But looking back, was it really about that or was it more about seeing what I was capable of?  Ok, so I got last in a race, but I also ran that race a minute faster than the year before, isn’t that a “win” as well?  Of course, if I also happened to beat someone, all the better for the ego booster!  But the fact is in “competing”, there is always something you can win at and/or gain.

In saying that, many of us that CrossFit, whether at Overland Park CrossFit, or some other box, are not participating in this sport/activity to compete at an elite level but more to put ourselves all too often into the “probably not going to win any medals” category.  But again, even if you don’t win a medal, can you still be better than you were at a workout than you were the year before, or maybe now you can climb a rope.  Isn’t that something to strive for?  Can’t that be enough of a win?  CrossFit is about becoming the best version of you and sometimes that means you might when a WOD and sometimes you might just beat “yourself” and both are something worth celebrating!

The beauty of CrossFit is that it continually gives you the opportunity to “compete” in whatever capacity you want, with yourself, with others, against the clock, etc..  We, at OPCF, believe in seeing what you are capable of and providing that opportunity to our members and the community in a fun and welcoming environment.  With that being said, OPCF is going to kick of the new year right by hosting The World Wide WOD, on January 7th!  This fun event is done with your fellow OPCF community and other people within KC and around the globe.  You’ll complete 3 WODS (Helena, Karena and Grace) which are done each year at this event.  There are many scaling options for each WOD and if you have done this event in the past, you will be able to see how you did year over year.  If you happen to be the competitive type, there will also be one leaderboard populated during the event, and you will see how you stack up against the entire world.

Interested in joining us January 7th for the World Wide WOD?  You can find more details and scaling options here.  Not a member of OPCF? No problem!  ANYONE is welcome to participate, and all fitness levels can participate.

Date/Time:  January 7th at 12pm

Where:  Overland Park CrossFit

Register Here!

Remember, The World Wide WOD isn’t about the “medal” it’s about you finishing the WODs and giving everything you’ve got!