Reebok CrossFit Open 18.4 Strategy Guide

Fourth week of the Open!  We knew deadlifts were coming! And another new movement!
For Time: 9 Minute time cap
21-15-9 (Diane)
Deadlifts 225/155
Deadlifts 315/205
Handstand Walk 50’
Prepare with a good warmup:
Look to prime your body for the movements and get your heart rate up.  Make sure to warmup your entire posterior chain, shoulders and midline/core.  Spend time to make sure your tape line is correctly marked on the wall.  If you think you are going to make it to the handstand walks and have a chance at getting your first 5 feet, make sure to be comfortable with this before you start the workout.
Strategy Considerations:
Do not go to failure on either movement.  Short sets with quick rest will get the job done.  Stay smooth and in control, which is a bit different from when you may have done just the Diane part of this workout in the past.
Anticipate the second set of 21-15-9 deadlifts to feel super heavy – brace your midline appropriately.  Singles will work fine on the heavy deadlifts, and will avoid working the negative part of the movement.  If you have handstand walks, just remember to relax and breathe through them.
For the handstand pushups, make sure you extend your heels to the ceiling and your toes down to make sure you meet the new standard.
There is a tie break after each set of deadlifts, so if you don’t have handstand walks, make sure you accelerate during the heavy set of 21 deadlifts – go all out.
Remember to do a short cool down after this workout, maybe 5-10 minutes easy on the bike.
Once again, have fun, support each other and celebrate your fitness!