Reebok CrossFit Open 18.5 Strategy Guide

This is it, last week of the Open!
The CrossFit Community has spoken – 11.6 is the winner.  Although this is a repeat, it might be one that few of us at Overland Park CrossFit have done.  The last time that it was in the Open was 12.5, which was just before OPCF opened!  So let’s get ready to work hard on the last workout of the Open.
Prepare with a good warmup:
Look to prime your body for the movements and get your heart rate up.  It’s important to warm up your shoulders before going full out on your chest-to-bars.  Also do exercises such as good mornings to activate your glutes and hamstrings and dead bugs to activate your core.
Strategy Considerations:
7 minutes sounds short, but it will feel like a long time, so PACE yourself.  Go slower in the beginning, then find a rhythm that will keep you moving.  Break up the chest-to-bars sooner than you think you need to.  On the thrusters, make sure you go below parallel on the squat, then use your legs to help drive the bar overhead.  If you need to take a rest, try to do that at the top of the thruster (breathe), rather than dropping the bar, especially in the early rounds.
Remember to do a short cool down after this workout, maybe 5-10 minutes easy on the bike.
Once again, have fun, support each other and celebrate your fitness!  This is also a great time to assess your Open workouts, identifying opportunities for improvement over the next year.  The coaches at OPCF can help you successfully plan and implement activities to further improve your fitness!