Wacky Banana to Overland Park CrossFit

Overland Park CrossFit is very much symbolic of what the sport represents which is continually evolving to be the best version you.  In the past couple weeks, Overland Park CrossFit has continued to change with new renovations which we believe will to help us accommodate our growing community and their needs.  We are excited to share this new space with our members and hope to see lots of new PRs to break the space.

With the new renovations, we thought it would be fun to take a look back as many of our members might not remember the “good old days”.  We thought we would use this as a time to take a trip down memory lane and also thank all the members that made where we are today possible, especially the ones that have used their “functional fitness” to help.

To the OG’s (Original Gangsters) that started with the park WODs, these first pictures might look a little familiar. OPCF took over our current building from a gymnastics facility, hence the crazy colors and mirrors.  Before that, it was a place called “Wacky Banana”.  Could you imagine if we were called “Wacky Banana CrossFit”? As you can see from the pictures below, there was a lot of work that was needed to make this into a CrossFit gym. We actually went 2 months without a rig, so no pull ups or squats racks.  Lots of body weight movements, which we all know can sometimes be worse!

.img_1671    img_1675

After a few months of hard work, we ended up with what you see below. A fully matted gym with our trusty wall-mounted rig. You actually might recognize the rig from our recent remodel ;). We used the wall mounted rig for a little over 3 years, until we got the rig you all know and love today, Ruby.

img_2098    img_2099

When we got Ruby, we didn’t get rid of our first rig. How can you just forget about your first?  Instead we held onto it, honestly not knowing when/if we would ever need or want to use it again.  Luckily our hording tendencies paid off and with our recent renovations, we actually brought it back to life!  We now have almost twice as many squat racks and a great place to do all our goat and accessory work. If you haven’t seen it, you need to get back to the gym or if you are not an OPCF member, you might just become one if you come check out this space.

20170205_165220 20170205_165200 20170205_165233

We are excited about the new changes at OPCF and after looking back at where we started, we’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again to all our members… THANK YOU! Thank you for your help in building OPCF into the best community and gym around!